Online Bullying Ends in Tragic Suicide

Expert Reveals How to Keep Kids Safe

San Francisco, CA—The issues of bullying and invasion of privacy using the Internet are back in the news with the tragic story of Tyler Clementi, the university student who committed suicide after his roommate used a hidden camera to stream an intimate encounter live online.

As an expert on texting, sexting, textual harassment, and cyberbullying, Shawn Edgington says that 70% of teens have admitted to cyberbullying someone else and 39% admit to using social network sites to bully online.  The use and abuse of technology is increasing at an alarming rate leaving a wake of destruction behind.  While most parents don’t want to believe their child could be an online bully, these statistics show there are many teens, including college students at prestigious colleges, participating in this dangerous trend.

Invite America’s leading “textpert” to answer:

  • How easily can cyberbullying lead to suicide?
  • Why do so many kids think online abuse is acceptable behavior?
  • What online behavior can get your child in legal hot water?
  • How can parents find out if their child is involved in cyberbullying?
  • What 5 tips can help parents stay informed?

CREDENTIALS: Shawn Edgington is a speaker and the author of Read Between the Lines: A Humorous Guide to Texting with Simplicity and Style.  Her mission is to raise public awareness about textual harassment, sexting, and cyber bullying.  She teaches parents how to limit potential harm to their children from the nasty side of technology.  Edgington has been featured by ABC-7’s View from the Bay in San Francisco, KRON 4 News in San Francisco, CNN Radio, the San Francisco Chronicle, The San Diego Union-Tribune, American Cheerleader Magazine, and Mom’s the Word on KLZ 560 AM in Denver.

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