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Speech Topics

  • Cyber Safety and Your Children – Technology can be like a loaded gun, and if your child has not been taught the dos and don’ts of cyber safety, they are at risk.  Shawn helps parents understand the importance of cyber safety from A to Z, and easily proves you don’t have to be cyber-savvy to help your child stay safe and secure while they’re online or using their mobile devices.  You just need to know what to do, and Shawn provides exactly that
  • Cyberbullying Prevention – It’s a fact that cyberbullying ruins lives.  It’s critical that parents take a pro-active approach and become aware of how technology can be abused and understand the benefits and dangers of living in a digital world.  When it comes to cyberbullying, prevention is key, and Shawn will help you through the process and show you the steps you need to take. She’ll even cover what to do is your child IS the bully, and what to do if your child is ever a target of a cyberbully
  • Managing Your Childs Online Image and Reputation – This is a MUST for every parent! College admissions officers, coaches, teachers, your child’s administration and prospective employers are all using Facebook as a tool to research and watch what your children are doing on Facebook, and it’s up to you to help them understand what’s ok and what’s not going to be acceptable
  • 10 Steps to Facebook Success – There are 10 Facebook rules to live by.  Shawn will walk you through each of them, explain why they’re so important, and show you what you need to do to follow each rule
  • Sexting Prevention – Shawn believes “Sext” Education is a must, and should come before sex education!  Since 39% of our teens are admitting to sending or posting sexually suggestive messages, photos and videos, now’s the time to start sext education.  Shawn explains what sexting is, what the consequences are, what we can do to limit the exposure of sexting, and how to talk to your kids about the dangers of sexting
  • Preparing Your Child for the Wild Wild Web Workshop– Bring your child to this discussion!  Shawn walks the audience through how great the Internet can be, and what they need to watch out for, including online predators, the importance of privacy and security settings, determining friends from frenemies, inappropriate websites, chat room danger, social network dos and don’ts and much more.  She’ll provide information and tools that you will use during your discussion to help you through the process.  Every parent will receive a workbook/discussion guide to use with this discussion
  • Parental 411 – Informative & Need to Know information including Textual Harassment, Sexting & Cyberbullying
  • No Phone Zone Campaign – Discussion about text safety. Take the “No Phone Zone” pledge or set up your own no-phone zone campaign for your company, school, or association
  • Bridging the Communication Gap – Why the three generations should add texting to their communication arsenal
  • The Golden Rules of Texting – Incorporating text etiquette into our daily lives
  • Text Benefits for Everyone – Overview of the hundreds of text benefits that rest in the palm of your hand
  • Fast and Furious Teens – What, when, where and why boundaries are important
  • The Teen Zone – Discussion for teens to educate them about harassment by text, cyberbullying, sexting and steps they can take if it happens to them
  • Information about privacy and security settings, why they’re important, and how to make sure they’re set correctly
  • Fun and Informative Senior Program – Who me? Yes, and we’ll include your very own “Quick Start Guide” for all attendees
  • Text Your Tweets to Stardom – Just what is Twitter, and is it the “right” social media platform?
  • Social Media & Texting Boundaries in the Workplace – How to decide what works best for you and/or your company
  • Fundamentals of mobile messaging, Facebook, and other important social media platforms-and why it’s important that you stay “in the know” at all times
  • Tools to recognize if your child is a cyberbully, and the steps you should take upon discovery
  • Ways to use “parental controls: to provide peace of mind and empower your children to employ the Ignore/Block/Report system, should they ever be harasses using social media
  • The Ten signs of cyberbullying, with proactive defensive measures you can take to defend against online bullies
  • Does everyone want to write a book? Lesson from a newbie Author
  • And much more!!!

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Shawn – Thanks so much for being there for NAWIC last night. You are so awesome and inspiring.” Your new friend, Diana

“Your story really hit me and therefore thought you would be excellent as one of the panel members for our upcoming national meeting.” Kathleen

“We received great feedback regarding the State Meeting and specifically about you and your discussion and the book!” Thanks for everything. Sherry, President

“Shawn entertained and educated us as she walked us through what made her decide to write her book and the trials and tribulations of writing it and getting it published (for all you writers out there, she says writing the book is 10% of the work involved, the remaining 90% is finding the right publisher, editing and promoting). Shawn’s book has taken off and was one of the SWAG items given out at the Oscars this year. We were entertained with a few stories about her experience at the Oscars and finally were able to purchase the book and Shawn kindly signed them all.

“If you have kids, you need this book! Even if you don’t have kids, you need this book. Texting is here to stay and has become a valuable communication tool; don’t get left in the dust. Shawn will guide you through! “ Rae Lynn

“Hi Shawn … so pleased to meet you last Saturday at the Valley of the Sun Insurance national meeting. You’re terrific insight and book really identified with me.” Donna, Social Media Architect & Co-Founder

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