Should Bullying Victim Have Been Punished?

When student Casey Heynes stood up to a school bully, video of the incident went viral igniting a debate on the issue of bullying and how to prevent it. Watch your phones light up when you invite America’s leading cyberbullying prevention expert, Shawn Edgington, to discuss how video and the Internet have impacted schoolyard bullying. She can answer questions including: Is it right that both boys were suspended from school? Why didn’t bystanders jump in to stop the abuse? What can be done to prevent this sort of situation? Edgington is the author of “The Parent’s Guide to Texting, Facebook and Social Media.” She has been featured in the upcoming documentary “Submit: The Reality of Cyberbullying” and by Fox Business, Imus in the Morning, ABC-7’s View from the Bay in San Francisco, KRON 4 News in San Francisco, CNN Radio, the San Francisco Chronicle, The San Diego Union-Tribune, CBS Radio, and others.

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