The Parent’s Guide Audio Book

Today’s youth are falling victim to the perils of social and mobile networking at an alarming rate.  Humiliation, Cyberbullying, Textual Harassment, Sexting, lack of morality and bad behavior online are becoming the norm.  According to recent surveys:

  • Over half of bullying and Cyberbullying attacks go unreported to parents, educators or authorities
  • On a daily average 160,000 children miss school because they fear they will be bullied if they attend classes
  • On a monthly average, 282,000 students are physically attacked by a bully
  • Every seven minutes a child is bullied on a school playground with over 85% of those instances occurring without any intervention
  • 50% of teens admit to being bullied online or by text message
  • As a result of being bullied, 19,000 children attempt suicide each year
  • Once every half hour a child commits suicide as a direct result of being bullied

Situations like these happen every day in the news and on the radio, but the majority of them go unreported. Reputations are getting ruined, kids are getting beaten up, and some are dying. What we need are solutions that enable parents to empower their children to make good choices against those who harass or bully online or by text message.

The Parent’s Guide Audio Book delivers exactly that. This audio book is perfect for the person who wants a roadmap to understanding the benefits and dangers of parenting in a digital world.  Knowledge is power; if you’re aware of what’s happening, you can take action, get involved, and facilitate change.

Within five CDs, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of texting, Facebook and other important social media platforms that teens favor and why it’s important you stay “in the know”
  • Empower your children to defend against Textual Harassment, Sexting and Cyberbullying
  • Execute the “Social Media and Cell Phone Contract” with your teens
  • Utilizing “Parental Controls” to provide peace of mind and empower your children
  • Incorporate the 3-step Ignore/Block/Report Program
  • Why monitoring your teens Facebook account is vital
  • Tips and tricks on how to keep the lines of communication open at all times

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