Quinton Aaron of “The Blind Side” Take Home Read Between the Lines

After meeting hundreds of celebrities, handing out over 250 special edition copies of Read Between the Lines, and taking more photos than I care to mention, one of my favorite moments was spending time with Quinton Aaron, who plays the part of the Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher, in the movie “The Blind Side”.  

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’ve got to!  Quinton is wonderful, and as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Sandra Bulluck was also incredible enough to take home Oscar.

Quinton was down to earth, and at the same time, larger than life!  We spent more than twenty minutes in great conversation, then we took lots of fun pictures, hugged, and even danced (He’s hoping for a gig on Dancing With the Stars) and I have the picture of us in motion to prove his worthiness!  🙂

At first, my mom didn’t recognize him, but when she did – I thought she was going to faint!  And the picture of Quinton giving Nicole a giant bear hug is priceless!

The entire day was such an incredible experience; it literally took me three days to recover.  Thank God for my Mom,  my daughter Nicole, and my girlfriends Jen, Venetia, and Jennifer.  Between the six of us, we were able to talk to everyone who stopped by, take tons of pictures, and offered Michelle’s special sugar cookies in the shape of stars.  After that, we asked everyone to autograph the blown-up version of the book cover.  By the end of the night – we had collected over 300 signatures!

I can best explain our day as the ultimate “Coming Out Party” RBTL could have ever hoped for!

More fun SWAG 411 to follow!

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