Read Between the Lines Goes to Hollywood!

Love the necklace you saw Jennifer Anniston wearing last month?  How about those amazing heels Beyonce had on at the Golden Globes?  They could be wearing SWAG for all we know.

Lots of people want to wear what A-listers wear, travel where A-listers travel, and read what A-listers read.
Just in case you don’t know what SWAG is, it’s basically a bag of incredible goodies that companies give away to A-listers before big events like the Academy Awards and The Grammy’s.  Having a Hollywood A-lister wear or be photographed with your product is something that can boost sales and create buzz.  Before the economy melt down, it wasn’t uncommon for the contents of the SWAG bag to be valued over $100,000!

And, the super exciting news about the SWAG for the Academy Awards this year, is that thanks to one of my girlfriends, (THANK YOU EMMA!!) a copy of Read Between the Lines will be one of the items in the SWAG bag!  

What does this mean?  Because RBTL was selected as SWAG for the biggest Hollywood event of the year, I’ve been given the golden opportunity to showcase my book directly to 200 of the famously well heeled, media, and stars of all kinds who have received the “coveted invite” to load up on these incredible freebies!

Because Read Between the Lines will be “in the bag” with high-end quality products like alligator bags and swiss watches, I’ve decided to add some “Hollywood Bling” to the cover, and create a “Special Edition Academy Awards 2010 Cover” which will include a special design of Swarovski Crystals on the outside jacket.

WOOO HOOO – Hollywood, here we come!

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