Sexting Scandal Hits High School – “Hummer Mom” Caught

I was totally horrified to hear about the Hummer driving, 42-year-old married mom who faces 67 counts of sexual assault for having sex with two 15-year-old boys! 

How could it get any worse than that?  Christine Hubbs’ charges include having sex with two different boys; which has been reported that the encounters started when they were only 13 years old.

How did “Hummer mom” get caught?

Hubbs allegedly sent text messages and nude pictures of herself to the boys from her cell phone… also known as “Sexting”.  She was arrested after one of the victim’s parents found a nude text of Hubbs on his cell phone. 

Thank God this parent was paying attention!

After police seized Hubb’s personal computer and phones, they were able to reveal the ongoing relationship with the two teens.

Sexting 101

“Not my child!” is what most parents think when the topic of sexting is brought up in conversation.  According to The National Campaign, 33% of teenagers have admitted to sexting.  The number increases to 36% when it comes to young adult women.  I know what you’re thinking… age 42 is not a “young adult woman!”

What can you do to prevent sexting? 

  • Eliminate the MMS feature from your teens’ cell phone plan.  MMS = pictures/videos that can be sent/received by cell phone.
  • Keep the lines of communication open between you and your teen
  • Understand there are predators everywhere, and your children need to be protected from them
  • Take an occasional look at stored photos on your child’s cell phone
  • Read Between the Lines, keep your eyes open for any strange behavior surrounding their cell phone usage

Unfortunately, sexting is a reality and it’s becoming more common than we’d like to believe. 

To be pro-active around the subject of sexting, it’s best to sit down with your kids to set texting boundaries.  Be sure to explain the potentially serious consequence to ANY kind of sex texting, including what to do if and when they ever receive any naked or obscene photo. 

You should also include “what not to do” in your sexting discussion… which is to NEVER forward these types of texts out to their friends. 


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