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A ”NO BULL” Challenge for schools: get, free anti-bullying lessons to students by Election Day

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO ( October 22, 2012 — The Great American NO BULL Challenge today issued a challenge to school districts across the country– to get the NO BULL Academy’s free anti-bullying programs into all 6-12 grade classrooms by Election Day. The web-based platform teaches students digital responsibility, while fostering a positive and safe school climate. The lesson plans are designed by experienced educators for teens, and include anti-bullying videos created by the award-winning teen filmmakers of the 2012 NO BULL Teen Video Awards.

Cyber safety expert, and Founder of the NO BULL Challenge, Shawn Edgington said,
“Education reform and budget shortfalls are being debated in races for local, state and national office. We are pleased to provide some help for budget-strapped school districts, with free programs for students and educators. Lessons in digital responsibility should not be overlooked. That is why I have set November 6th, Election Day, as a goal to get the NO BULL Academy’s free programming in classrooms from coast to coast.”

The Blue Valley School District in the Kansas City metro area was the first to introduce the NO BULL Academy to its students, during Kansas Bully Awareness Week in September. School administrator, Molly McNally, said, “teachers reported the best student-engaged conversations ever.” She added, “teachers really like the format.” McNally is the mother of two and her niece was, “bullied relentlessly” during middle school. Today in her position as a school administrator, she is making sure students and teachers are educated about what bullying really looks like, and that they are provided with tools to deal with this problem.

The Kansas teachers used a lesson plan created by Austin Barker, the winner of the NO BULL Teen Video Awards. Barker, now a college freshman, is continuing his work with the NO BULL Challenge as President of the Youth Advisory Council, and encourages students to get involved in the 2013 NO BULL Teen Video Awards. Barker said, “As advocates of anti-bullying we hope to bring peace, understanding, and awareness of an evolving generation of bullying to students and educators across the United States. We have done this in a way not seen or experienced before; through the eyes of victims of bullying, and the vision of the students of America. The NO BULL Academy in coordination with the Great American NO BULL Challenge allows students across the country to unite against bullying and truly become a NO BULL NATION. We believe that even though you are in a place of darkness, you can still find light, because you’re not alone, and there is a better day coming.”

Barker joins Edgington in her challenge to schools to take advantage of what the NO BULL Academy offers for free, thanks to donations by its sponsors.

About the Great American NO BULL Challenge and NO BULL Teen Video Awards:
The NO BULL Challenge and NO BULL Teen Video Awards promote social responsibility, a positive school climate and social action using the power of music and film. The campaign’s national partners include, National Organization for Youth Safety, iSafe, FCCLA, 4-H, Bully The Movie and The Bully Project, HealthCorps, Project Change, Business Professionals of America, SADD, The California Endowment, among others.

About Shawn Edgington:
Shawn Edgington is the founder of the Great American NO BULL Challenge and the NO BULL Teen Video Awards. She is the President of the Cyber Safety Academy and the CEO of a national insurance company. A leading cyber safety expert, Shawn is the author of the best selling book, “The Parent’s Guide to Texting, Facebook and Social Media: Understanding the Benefits and Dangers of Parenting in the Digital World.”

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