Diary of an iPhone Application – OMG! is Officially Available!

At last, Apple just approved the iPhone Applications I’ve been working on, which include a text lingo dictionary, much like the glossary in the back of the book, Read Between the lines.  Those original terms from the book, along with 100’s of new terms are included in two of my new iPhone Applications.

This process took longer than expected, mostly due to Apple’s new “Clean Icon” campaign.   I just heard earlier this week that Apple has deleted over 5000 Applications from the Apple store, because they failed to measure up to their new standards – and there’s more  to come.

I guess you could say I was trying to “Get Hip Without Getting Deleted” by Apple.  Our primary delay was that one of my App’s (the one with the icon “WTF?”) was rejected as a result of this new initiative. 

Lucky for me, I hired the right person and the right company (Jen @ Presskit in Atlanta) who understands the App creation and submission process, and did a great job bringing all of RBTL App’s into the Apple store.  She’s an engineer with a great personality – which I find unusual.  🙂  Jen’s smart, honest, knows the App business, and she’s found a niche that allowed me to have an App developed for Read Between the Lines.

Officially, we have four Apps in the store:

Free Category – Search “Text Lingo”
OMG! & RBTL – These are both “Lite Versions” that are free, and give you a taste for the full version App, by providing 20 fun text abbreviations, along with an option to preview several chapters of the book, as well as a way to purchase the book right from your iPhone.

We built the “Lite” versions so iPhone users could learn about RBTL, and get a feel for what the full version included.

Paid Category – Search “Text Lingo”
OMG! & RBTL – These are both the complete text lingo dictionaries, and cost .99 each.  They allow you to search through thousands of abbreviations, and share them by e-mail, FaceBook, and Twitter. 

I’m proud to say I’ve made it through this process – thank you Jen!  These fun filled applications launched 2/23/10, and are the best companion to help you communicate with simplicity and style, right in the palm of your hand. 

Have a great idea for an App?  If this is the case, I have some great recommendations for you.  Just post your question – and I’d be more than happy to share any and all of my resources!

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