It’s Oscar Week and RBTL Gets Stoned For SWAG

Thanks to four of my amazing girlfriends, we finished stoning and wrapping Read Between the Lines and it’s companion iPhone App “OMG!” in preparation for the Academy Award SWAG event this Saturday.

Nothing helps get my gal-pals more motivated than a couple bottles of wine and some hot steamy pepperoni pizza!  With 150 books to embellish with Swarovski Crystals, we had our work cut out for us.

It was no problem!  Jen, Beverly and Michelle stoned, Vinny worked on “blinging” the giant book cover, and I signed, stuffed and wrapped.  We worked hard for 5 hours, but got it done.

Here’s a look at 220 completed books, ready to be given away to celebrities, stylists, and select media who’ve been invited to the upcoming SWAG event, and we’ll be there to witness it first hand.

Next up?  Jen and I finished the backdrop tonight, and next… we need to figure out a way to get all of these books plus the 50 splits of Rose Chandon, 200 star-shaped sugar cookies decorated in the colors of the book, our backdrop, and luggage crammed into my car, for our road-trip to Hollywood!

We plan to get our guests all sugared up from the cookies and tipsy from the champagne so we can get some great photo-op’s.  JK – we just plan to have a lot of fun and get RBTL into the hands of the well heeled.

Did you know that SWAG stands for “Stuff We All Get”?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been given a big bag full of great free stuff, including things like Alligator handbags, iPhones and Swiss watches.  Hmm, I’m thinking it’s more like “Stuff We A’listers Get”.

It’s quite the adventure, and I’m really looking forward to all of it!

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