Reminders By Text Rock

As I was rushing out the door this morning so I could get to my meeting by eight (my teens were still sound asleep), I thought to myself that I should take a moment to write a list of chores that my little sleepy-heads needed to accomplish.

After all, it’s Spring Break, and I can’t have them doing absolutely NOTHING, can I?

But then I thought to myself “Why don’t I just text them their chores”?  I needed to get to work, and didn’t have an extra five minutes to write down two lists of “To-Do’s”.  So, that’s what I did.  I sent a group text to both of them with what I wanted them to do.

Nicole, my 17-year old responded back in seconds saying she’ll take care of them, and my 15-year old son responded two hours later asking if he could first go to the movies then do his chores right when he got home.  Have I mentioned boys are a little slower at responding to texts than girls?

Once again, sending a text saved me time and I knew my messages would be delivered instantly.  A little bonus was that they each would need to respond to my requests, which is what I love about sending a text vs. just leaving a note that might get conveniently ignored.

Have you ever used texting to send reminders?  If so, what type of reminders have you sent, and did you have positive results?


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