Get Instant Fashion Advice

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you’ve needed last-minute fashion advice?

I have to say; I was in need of some serious fashion do’s (and don’ts) last Saturday when I was being interviewed live on KRON 4 Weekend News by Henry Tenenbaum.

I’m sitting in the hot seat, hoping my jacket is buttoned correctly, that my legs were crossed in the right direction, that my blouse wasn’t showing too much cleavage, amongst the 99 other worries running through my head.  It was right then when I was saved by the “ding”.

Lucky for me, my BFF Wendy had seen the 15 second promo of Henry and I pretending to text each other two minutes before we were going live with the interview.  This is exactly when she made the mad dash to find her cell phone.  It was a fashion emergency!

Just in the nick of time, she sent me a text that said “Love the jacket – center your necklace and pull up your cammy!” And then I got a “Go get em, you look great”.  I responded back with an “OMG” and then a “Thx, YTB”. Adding to the benefit of badly needed advice I would have never gotten from the men standing in the room, the entire text exchange made me laugh which really calmed my nerves.

Thanks to the power of a few texts and a great friend that’s concerned with the potential of her gal pal looking like a complete idiot, I was able to get some desperately needed fashion advice, and just in time!

My point is that you too can get fashion advice on the DL!  Any time you’re thinking you need some true blue honesty, but you don’t want everyone to hear about your fashion faux pas… just ask your BFF to send some text advice.  To be honest, one of the most important jobs of being a great friend is to make sure your BFF’s don’t wear too-short skirts, don’t pile on too much makeup, and to strongly suggest they ditch the go-go boots and the floral moo moo’s because they’ve gone out of style.  

I’m definitely going to make fashion advice by text my new SOP, but next time I go on TV, I’m going to need to get me some tips on how NOT to look larger than life!  It’s true – the camera adds 10 pounds right to your bottom line, and I have the picture to prove it!  

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