Top 10 Forbidden Text Zones Revealed

We all know how great texting can be most of the time, but what about the times and places texting isn’t so great?

Research on this subject was a bit sketchy, but here’s the top 10 forbidden text zones I was able to locate:

10.  After you’ve been pulled over by your neighborhood cop – because you’re just going to piss him off
9.    While your pole dancing – because a cell phone just isn’t very sexy
8.    During prayer – because your pastor might get jealous (It happened)
7.    At your local “Swingers” get together – well… the “because” is too disgusting to mention so RBTL
6.    While you’re catching a wave in San Diego – because water and cell phones don’t mix
5.    During your HR meeting while you’re getting your ass chewed for cell phone abuse – because you        need the money
4.    When you’re visiting the Porcelain God – because it’s just too disgusting to do both at the same time
3.    While you’re at the batting cages with balls flying at 90 mpg – because you can’t afford more plastic surgery! 
2.    When riding a mechanical bull – because cowboys can’t multi task, so neither should you
1.    While you’re getting busy in the bedroom – you do the math

That’s the newest unofficial lineup of forbidden text zones… but I need your input to make it official!  Please, list your personal place or space where you’ve banned all text messages.

Common, it’s your turn to share.

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